Garden Furniture

Furniture and Garden ornaments is an are we are branching into more and more. If the there is a set style and design you wish to have a incorporate into your garden to complete the look please let us know and we will do our best to find the finishing touches.

Garden Design in Knutsford

Natural Boulders

Natural Boulders are a fabulous feature to add into any style of garden. These can be sourced or we will happy make use of one that may already be on site.

Garden Designers in Hale Barns


Encourage wildlife back into your garden with a Pond. Regardless of the size this can help create a real sense of tranquility.    


Who says a drive way essential can not also be a Garden Feature?! We are able to offer a range of garages to suit all budgets.

Planting Plans & Planters

A selection of large classic and contemporary planters, suitable for plants from classic box to the elegant bay trees can create a real focal point in any garden.

Sun House

If space permits, a Sun House is the ideal garden feature for you to be able to enjoy during the summer months.  As well as adding interest into a garden they are a great storage solution for those far to reach parts of the garden.

Landscape Design in Oswestry

Bespoke Features

Bespoke Features can finish a Garden design and draw the eye through the garden. As you can see from the below selection of images, we have done a wide variety of styles and are continuously looking out for more interesting feature pieces.


Butler Landscapes can offer a range of Porch designs to suit your house and wishes. This is a relativity new area for the business but one that helps set off the rest of the front garden design.